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Information about the clinical study center

In our Department of Dermatology at the University hospital Charité we have a centre for the treatment of psoriasis. Per year we treat about 1000 patients with psoriasis in the outpatient or inpatient ward. We have a team of experienced and dermatological well trained nurses and medical doctors. We conduct several dermatologic consulting hours for adults with specialization in the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
We maintain an interdisciplinary consultation hour with rheumatologists and gastroenterologists as well as with pedriatic dermatologists and pediatric rheumatologists. Furthermore we collaborate in close cooperation with the pediatric dermatologists of the Clinical Research Centre lead by Prof. Dr. Blume-Peytavi and with the rheumatologic department headed by Prof. Dr. Burmester with the rheumatological dispenser lead by PD Dr. Marina Backhaus. 
Besides there is an international accredited research unit concerning psoriasis, combining basic research for further investigation of the pathogenesis of psoriasis and the development of new therapeutic options with a special team for the conduct of clinical trials. 

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